305 Sprint Car Rules

Our 305 Rules are intended to align with those at 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Ia.  Any car that is legal pursuant to Burlington rules will be considered legal at Jacksonville.   However we do allow a few additional engine configurations noted below.  This means that while your “Burlington Legal” engine will be legal here – your “Jacksonville Legal” engine might not be legal at Burlington, so plan your engine configuration accordingly.   34 Raceway 305 rules can be found here

305 Sprint Cars have different rules throughout the country. We want to allow people to have many sources available for affordable engines.   Our preferred engine package will generally follow the rules of 34 Raceway in West Burlington Iowa. However, if you find an affordable engine from another rules package our rules will accommodate most configurations  that result in performance equal to or less than our preferred package. For our purposes at Jacksonville, we are going to categorize the motors as follows:

Burlington Engine – This is our primary rules package and the preferred engine for our 305 class. Allows aftermarket cast iron heads with 200cc runners  and often uses 49cc chambers.   Rough horsepower: 500hp.  Common Head example: Dart Iron EaglePart Number: 10310010PF and World Products Sportsman II.   34 Raceway 305 rules can be found here

Racesaver –Uses a spec aluminum head certified by Racesaver and specific part list.  Rough horsepower: 450hp. General rules applicable to this engine: HERE.  Any Racesaver engine must be legal pursuant to Racesaver rules with appropriate seals etc. 

GM 604 Crate Engine – Although it is 350 cubic inches, we will allow a GM 604 crate engine that is SEALED in conformance with existing UMP DirtCar rules for its Pro Late Model Division.  This motor produces roughly 400 to 425 HP – well below our preferred engine package.  We allow this engine simply because they are readily available in a sealed condition and the performance can be verified.

Other –We encourage discussion and evaluation of alternative engine packages that fall safely within our general rule of “Verifiable 5 and 5” – meaning that we can 100% verify that it produces well less than 500 horsepower and can commonly be built or purchased at cost of less than $5,000. We believe that there are likely combinations we have not considered that can accomplish the goals of this class. If you wish to compete with an engine that falls within the “Verifiable 5 and 5” rule, please contact us so that we can discuss it.

The purpose of the 305 class at Jacksonville is to promote an affordable entry point in the sprint car class. Different configurations are more affordable to different individuals depending on the parts they have available or the deal they might find on an existing operation.  Our standard package is the ‘Burlington Engine’ at 1550 pounds.  Deviations will be allowed as mentioned above with prior approval, but anything not conforming to our preferred rule package is subject to handicap that may adjust over time to promote fair competition.  We believe that with appropriate setup and experience, these engines can be competitive at Jacksonville given the size of our track.  You are always free to upgrade an existing engine to the preferred package over time and in many circumstances buying one of these engines might be a good starting point for entry in the class.