1. You must have an appropriate ticket or armband on at all times signifying the type of ticket you purchased.  If you remove your armband during an event our staff will assume you did not pay and ask you to revisit the ticket window or pit shack. 
  2. No coolers or food are allowed to be brought into the grandstand.
  3. Please pick up your pit area and dispose of garbage in a nearby trash can.
  4. Race teams shall not leave tires behind at the end of the night.   If we know who’s tire is left you will be assessed a $10 disposal fee taken out of your next payout check.
  5. Fans can enter early and place blankets down to reserve seats but may only reserve as much space as required to allow each person 2 feed of bleacher space.
  6. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the grandstands.


Rainout Policy

We do not give cash refunds.  There are two scenarios for a rainout:

  1. Prior to ALL feature lineups being set (Heats and B- Mains are not complete) – This is considered a rainout/cancellation and your armband is a credit for the amount you paid redeemable on most any race night.  Certain rare events, such as a World of Outlaw or similar event where seating is sold in advance are exceptions to this general rule.  On those nights armbands are not redeemable at the gate on race night but can be used toward a pre-purchase ticket.
  2. After ALL feature lineups are set (Heats and B-Mains are complete) – This is considered a complete and official show.  We will reschedule the feature event for all classes that were not completed usually as a “double feature” at different times throughout the season.  Your armband will not have any value under this scenario.  Racers will be eligible for payout on the date of the make-up feature.